Panda Steps in Chocolate- Just Pretend You Are a Pegasus (2008)

I gotta admit, this kinda blew me away. Christian Filardo has really evolved as an artist and nothing represents that more than this album. Just Pretend first bestows us with a soothing rhythm of rain and electric keyboards but once you hit the second track it's enough to make you rethink how you live your life. Filardo's distinct vocals are sorta touching in way, almost enough to start plucking at your heartstrings and make you wish to be a pegasus, maybe that's why I fell in love with this album so quickly. This is also a step up from Filardo's previous release, Panda Brings the Viking Heat which I posted a while ago here. I think if I ever wanted to be anything, it would be a Pegasus and if I had a Panda, I'd undoubtedly have it with chocolate.

1.To Build A Hot Air Balloon
2.Don't Look Over the Edge you Might Fall
3.Clap On Clap Off (omg)
4.Shift Your Weight Hit a Double
5.My Pool Nice Jacket Aaron
6.Dinos Come From the Deep
8.Panda Meets a Girl
9.Chk Chka Scared Priest
11.If You Are Mighty and Triumphant You Like Carls Jr.