Happy Record Store Day~

While it's unfortunate that this year's Record Store Day is the same date as the obnoxious Thunder over Louisville celebration, I still encourage everybody to stop by your local music source and show some support. Most stores are hosting sales on vinyl/CDs, so it's the perfect day to nab something while it's cheap!
Pictured above is Ear-X-Tacy, Louisville's famous locally-owned record store. The business started in 1985 as a small outlet run by John Timmons whose stock was his own personal collection of music. Now, over twenty years later, Ear-X-Tacy has become a landmark for both music and movie lovers alike. Unfortunately, as with many modern record stores, the economy has begun to take its toll on this once thriving business. And as less people feel the need to purchase music in a physical form, places like Ear-X-Tacy are being closed down. Anyone from Louisville knows it wouldn't be the same without this sacred place. Even after only living here for three years, I hold a lot of sentimental value with this store.
To quit downloading music and to throw yourself in debt to buy it instead would be too much for me to ask. But I do ask for some acknowledgement. After all, there are things you simply can't experience from an illegal download.