Good news for those who buy Ben Sollee tickets

10 VIP passes are up for grabs. Get off the fence already--10 first replies are wins!

Ben Sollee w/ Vandaveer
Headliners Music Hall
10/15 | 8PM, $20 + VIP upgrade

Travelling cellist and Kentucky native Ben Sollee plays Headliners Music Hall this Friday. If you've already thrown down the cash for a ticket in advance--congratulations! You're eligible to receive a Very Important Person privilege, courtesy of the nice folks of Crash Avenue.

What does a VIP upgrade entail?
Winners receive a wristband that grants exclusive access to the Headliners Mezzanine (including the bar on the Mezzanine) throughout the evening. Revel in the moment of VIP status.

Why Ben Sollee?
You've been hearing about him for months and have never checked out a show. Why not start here?

He returns to Louisville for what's likely to be sold-out show, so it would be ideal to buy your tickets, STAT! Replies accepted until 5 PM Thursday!


  1. I, Nick Fernandez, would most definitely like one of these fancy upgrades if you would be so kind!

  2. Nevermind for me, I didn't know I already had one from somewhere else :)

  3. I Russell young would love VIP, thanks

  4. I have a friend coming with me also, matt hamlin

  5. You're all confirmed. Congrats!